That Fateful Night

On November 15th, around five-thirty in the evening, Ry picked me up from my house. Upon entering the car I was delightfully surprised to find a beautiful dark rose awaiting me in the front seat. With our stomachs grumbling, he drove us to San-Sai for a bountiful feast where we ordered everything under the sun: shrimp tempura, chicken teriyaki, egg rolls, miso soup, and edamame! After enjoying our delicious dinner we headed over to the Moorpark theatre on High Street to see a play called Bell, Book & Candle. We sipped our usual hot cocoa while watching the romantic play that had a witty twist that brought many laughs and chuckles. The main story line was about a teenage witch who discovers the meaning of true love, which made me think of my special relationship with Ry, which then brought on the urging question of " Is it tonight?!?"...

After the play we headed over to Thornhill Broome Beach and spent like 45 minutes trying to come up with a way to sneak in to the campsite. Unfortunately, it was almost eleven and the campsite closed at ten. Originally we were going to set up a campfire (which we had done once before) and play music, and dance, and hang out. However, as life is filled with many twists and unexpected turn, Ry and I moved on and in the end found something better! We drove down the PCH into Malibu, and I followed Ry as we made our way to a life guard tower. I had never really been on a life guard tower in the middle of the night, so it was pretty exciting for me! We settled down under the clear dark sky that was glowing with glimmering stars and a bright full moon. After some chit-chatting and snuggling Ry pulled out this adorable book he made me. It was filled with stories and poems we both have written over time. As I was flipping through it, pointing out poems I remembered he turned the page to a little story he had written. It is called
The Strawberry Kingdom, a bedtime story he made up a long time ago when I had trouble falling asleep and has the adorable boy he is, added more overtime. As he had me read it out loud he flickered on his Zippo (a lighter for those who may be wondering). Right when I was close to the end, he slipped right in to the dialogue and finished the story with a big grin "Bri, Marry Me."
And of course I SAID YES!

AND later that night we celebrated at Denny's with French Toast and Milk...AT THREE IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!