Shopping spree score!

The other day we went on a thrifty shopping spree where I discovered my outfit for the wedding shower. It's really fun because it matches the summery sunflower theme we are going for. Then we made our way over to Hollywood to Melrose, my favorite shopping street that goes for miles and miles.... We racked up some awesome deals at thrift/ vintage stores, which made us very excited because we are on a budget.

Basically, we went into this random store where I discovered in the way back six different pairs of seven's jeans! I wasn't even looking for jeans, just happened to be staring when this lovely pocket design (signature 7 jeans) I always dream about purchasing one day popped out of nowhere. If you are not familiar with these jeans they usually cost from $100-300...! I never had the guts to pay that much & rarely had the luck of finding a pair I really liked enough. But these one's I found were in fantastic shape, and my perfect size! Lets just say I walked away a happy little girl with 3 pairs of the most comfy jeans for 70 buckaroos.

it just comes to show waiting & being patient pays the price!