The Little Red Bike

I'm very excited to write that I am the giveaway winner!
One of my favorite blogs to read, The Rockstar Diaries, has random fun giveaways and this one was any photo of your liking from an amazing photographer artist Monica Shulman aka ciao chessa.
It was obviously hard to choose but my hubby & I ended up going with
The Little Red Bike.

I absolutely love this particular photo because as college students riding bikes is a main source
traveling from class to class. Not to mention it's fun.
On campus there are all sorts of cool colorful bikes ranging from mountain bikes, street bikes, cruisers and on and on.
Lately I am in love with certain cruiser bikes. They just appeal to that child inside me. I feel that when I look back on this photo which will be on our wall soon, it will remind me of those youthful college days my hubby and I spent on our many little adventures.