School bells are ringing

Today is the first day my hubby & I attend Sonoma =]
We are on our 3rd year of our college years and even though we will be ready to graduate in two years their is no desire to get out any day.
We're both studying to become teachers.
I think this is playing into the fact that I'm learning to appreciate and enjoy learning more than ever.
It's a dual effect really. I love so many inspiring teachers I've encountered who fuel my mind and heart with amazing advice and wisdom. And on the flip side I am enjoying the process of one day becoming that teacher.

On another note our little home is cute and cozy. We are really grateful for all the amazing family and friends who have been so supportive and strong for us. Later I'll be posting pictures of our wedding and honeymoon. Both we're life experiences that are molding us into a strong couple Our honeymoon consisted of a road trip in our little mazda 3 through nevada, arizona, utah (zion national park & salt lake city), Idaho, Montana (Big Sky resort), to Wyoming. This is where plans changed a little bit.... er okay A LOTA BIT.
This is where we hit a deer driving to out hotel at 3 in the morning (bad idea) and totaled our car. We spun out and once we hit the gravel at a decline flipped three ish times. What's crazy is everything was so peaceful and calm and then literally boom. In one second our world was upside down. But we are only stronger now. Not only did we come out with minor scratches a baby kitten would make, I understand even more what marriage really means. Someone said how this just comes to show that we are surely meant to be together in this lifetime. That really hit me hard. All I know is that this marriage, this time we have together will never be taken for granted.