Time flies

Yes, time has flown.
And I have to say it has been time well spent.
Over labor weekend the hubby & I took a night bus/train home 
to see our wonderful family and celebrate my mama counsu's  birthday!
Within that time I'm now a working woman as well!!! I have to say I enjoy my job.
I work for an after school program for students.
I tutor 2nd grade =) 
I basically have a little girl I tutor one on one with reading.
And after is "cool school".  Another mentor and I 
share our own class of 2nd graders and it's awesome.
I pretty much work 12-6 and I'm putting this out there because I absolutely love what I do. 
I love the fact that I'm working for min wage and love that every cent of energy and effort put forth is worth it.
All I'm saying is that it's really important to love what you do.
Cause then you'll be happy and so will the people around you =)
All in all the HUBBIEeeee also got a job!
He works for cut co and I love his positive attitude.
He's my working man.

Did I mention we've bumped into some pretty amazing people up here?
I seriously believe our lives have a magical purpose 
and each day has proven so.
I've met so many people here who share the life view
 I have embraced and 
so many more who help us to grow and expand ourselves and our minds.
I can't wait to share with the world.

besides the loving ears of my hubby, chit chats with classmates, 
and the open hearts of the children I work with, and of course
this little blog for now can serve as my outlet into the world across boundaries.
In this way, I appreciate technology.

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