Owls & pretty things.

I'm quite an Owl lover. 
They are simply put....beautiful.
Ryan, the hubby, is a fan too. We've started our own little owl collection...and it's growing.
As goes with everything- overdoing things is a bit too much.
So I have decided to only buy things that stand out more than others.

Later (when all my cameras are charged) I will post our Owl collection.
But for now, to curb the craving I have for items I know I currently can't afford...I will blog splurge =p
I can't help but picture a few of these random finds for my"one day, in the future" baby...

Product Image Tadpoles Set of 3 Wall Hangings - Owls
Target-Tadpoles Set of 3 Wall Hangings

Product Image DecoBreeze Figurine Fan - Owl
Target-DecoBreese Figurine Fan

UO-Plastic Owl Posts

UO- Owl Candle

UO- Macramé Owl

UO-Owl Couple Printed Cotton Rug

Hoot, Hoot Switchplate, Double

Anthropologie-Hoot, Hoot Switchplate Double

Owl Invasion Apron
Anthropologie-Owl Invasion Apron

Curiouser Lamp
Anthropologie-Curiouser Lamp

owl doorstop
Anthropologie-Owl Doorstop

Wide-Eyed Dishtowel, Aqua
Anthropologie-Wide-Eyed Dishtowel 

Wide-Eyed Dishtowel, Pink
Anthropologie-Wide-Eyed Dishtowel

Beaded Creature Necklace
Anthropologie-Beaded Creature Necklace

I'd really like to make the last three finds.
It would make a fun art project.
Now that I think about it I may plan a tea + arts in crafts day with my good buddy Lisa from work.
She's really awesome & creative.


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  1. oh, the little necklaces are so cute ♥♥♥