happy february!

horray for a new fresh month!
not only is february 14th a day to celebrate love, but it's also a day I celebrate my dad!
i find it quite coincidental that the most loving, caring, generous man i know was born on valentine's day.
{sorry ry, but he's my daddy  =p }

here's a glimpse of last years valentine's day:

our lovely morning began with a lovely bike ride at wildwood

mr. valentino

went to the pantages to see phantom of the opera!

birthday dad!

{mind you- phantom of the opera
 was one of the first movie dates
we had together, so we were pretty thrilled}

after we all celebrated at roscoe's house of chicken and waffles

ry made me my own phantom rose!

last valentine's day was something special.
this year will be our first year as a married couple to celebrate.

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  1. aww happy birthday to your dad!

    i can't believe feb. is already here! where has this year gone? hope your first valentine's day as a married couple is amazing!