valentine's on a sunday. my favorite.

our day was somewhat unexpected. 
we drove to my favorite place on earth, sonoma county state beaches.
a good friend from work suggested we go a month ago, and i fell in love.
i'll share pictures of our first visit soon.

we are both sick and broke, yet it was the best unplanned valentine's ever.
in the words of my parents, everything fell into place, kinda like our relationship...

it went a little something like this:
{this post is quite picture heavy, but i couldn't help it. each photo really captures something important in life. love was being celebrated in many shapes and forms today, whether it be with their pet dog, girlfriend, grandpa, child, a past loved one... and it was quite beautiful}


i love old cemeteries. 
i can't help but wonder who each individual is and what path they walked in their lifetime.

at first i wished i didn't rush to take this photo. but when i stopped to really analyze it, i like the touch of blurriness that heightens the mixed emotions of love and lost.

a friendly llama

this photo deserves its own post, especially since i told the adorable artists that i will pass word of their beautiful studio.
so tomorrow i will share our discovery.
let's just say, it was a random visit well spent.

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