it's a tuesday, which calls for some inspiration.


Sometimes, in the middle of the week, I hit this wall where I feel like my feet are dragging. 
More than half the time when this happens, I realize it's because I'm worried about something that's in the future. Lame. So my goal this week is to focus less on all the things and decisions I have to make and enjoy the present. 

On another note, I miss Starbuck's "The Way I See It" quotes. I don't see them around anymore. 
Did they run our or something?
 I could submit a few...

photo via jemappelle


  1. enjoy the present... great advice!!

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  2. i miss them too! nothing like a little inspiration with your java...

    kiwi is always telling me to stop worrying about things i have no control over... i should really listen to that smart husband of mine.

  3. I hit that point today.. I just want this entire week to be over! Oh well.
    I like those quotes on the cups too.. even if I don't really drink Starbucks!