1950's bathing beauties.

1950's Bathing Beauties by Shannon D1970.

This is from an old German magazine.
I love everything in this photo, from the vintage swimsuits to the beach straw hats.

There is something about old magazines that I enjoy flipping through.
Whenever I visit any antique store I always make sure to scavenge the old magazine section.
It's interesting to see how styles and perspectives have evolved, changed, and appear again in different forms.

photo found via flickr


  1. Wow- this picture is breathtaking!! Old pictures are so.........what's the word I'm looking for? Beautiful? Inspiring? Jubilant? Gorgeous??

    I just can't find the words.

    But I love this a lot :)
    beautiful swimsuits!

  2. i heart that red suit. i would love to find a modern version of it!

  3. AnonymousMay 09, 2010

    I just love it!!!