late night hospital emergency visits.

This post could be filled to the brimm with complaining about how hospitals
 are chaotic yet slow and disgusting and depressing especially when you're there from 3am till 10:30....
 (wait...I just complained!).

With that put aside I really am thankful that my husband is going to be okay,
the humorous nurse who made me laugh,
the calm doctor who took care of my best friend,
and for water and sleep.


It seems that whenever I'm in hospitals the ticking of the clock is always there.
Starring at the clock, surrounded by closed white walls drives me insane.
All I know is that if I'm ever dying, I don't want it to be in a hospital.

photo via clock


  1. I hope that everything is ok. I dont really like hospitals either but it helps when the staff are great.

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry dear. I'm glad everything is okay :)

  3. i hope everything is okay! you guys will be in my prayers this week for sure.

  4. Oh I hope that everything turns out to be ok... and thank you for your lovely comment, you have a pretty pretty blog!

  5. Thank you all, I really appreciate all of your kind and caring words <3