our babies survived the no-fun process of kitty spaying.

      thumper, my baby.


It was so sad to see our two babies Kimiko and Thumper drugged to the point of oblivion.
The poor things had a difficult time simply keeping their eyes open and Thumper couldn't walk or hold her body weight for the life of her. I'm just so relieved we finally spade our kitties. The vet confirmed the notion that the two were both in heat...which was quite early as they are not even a year old yet. Apparently it's very uncommon being that young, but of course we got the little rascals type.

Cross your fingers this solves Kimiko's "urge-to-pee-on-everything-I- see attitude"
because frankly it's driving us nuts.

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  1. i hope they are on the road to recovery!

    so glad you chose to have them spayed... way to be a responsible pet owner!