our brave little ones.

             Thumper!                         Kimiko!

The two babies in the family got to have their stitches taken out today!
As much as I would love to raise a liter of kittens, 3 kittos will have to do for now.
[get it? kit-tos instead of kid-dos!]

bahaha, I'm so clever late at night...

hope everyone had a good monday!

....only 3 more days left of work with my 2nd graders
...this is sad!


  1. presh little baby kittos!! my little ones are fixed, too. i'd have a jillion fluff babies if i could, but then again there are so many out there that already need homes that i wish i could take!

  2. i love those names!

    xo Alison

  3. I love that cat!! Cats are my favorite animals. I have two.