saturday part I: birthday boy, cupcakes, gifts, sushi.

This past weekend has been pretty rad.
Saturday was Ryan's 21st birthday! 
That night we had an amazing sushi with hot sake.

Shadow box I made for Ry:
Polaroid of us at the beach
sea glass we collected at the beach (will post more on that later)
favorite antique key .


Irish Car Bomb & Ooh La La Cupcakes!

i loved the little fishess artwork that swam in our hot sake goodness.

After endless hours of getting lost in one of my favorite antique stores, I found the perfect gift for Ryan.
See, he loves short stories of all kinds: adventure, monty phython style, sentimental...ect.
As I was scavenging my way through the dusty rows of bookshelves, this little book stood out to me.
Since we already own every other genre of short story collections I decided classic children's stories would be a must to our growing collection. This way we will already have all the adorable classics to read to our 

I also went on a hunt for cool skeleton keys. We both have a thing for antique keys and Ryan has been on the lookout for one and I finally found two unique keys that have a touch of character and treasure-ness. 

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  1. what wonderful and thoughtful gifts! you really outdid yourself my dear.

    that sounds like an amazing birthday celebration!