SF: afternoon adventures in the park.

After a busy few days walking around 24/7 we took an hour in this beautiful park to lounge and enjoy some Yo Cup, the best frozen yogurt ever. The fruit was the best part, fresh, juicy, and sweet.
I feel another craving coming on...

And we shared this wonderful view of this majestic Irish Catholic Church

It was even more amazing inside.


  1. We were there over memorial day... some of the best weather I've seen in SF in years!

  2. reading in parks has to be my greatest passion.

    and yogurt :)

  3. Alison: Isn't it? I love it!

    Aron:I agree. The weather was perfect to the pinch. (haha does that even make sense?)

    Magpie: That's one of the best passions to have! Especially when doing them all at once =)

  4. Cute hair (is that you?) and...well....cute fro-yo! It actually looks adorable, with its bright green and red fruit on top of white yogurt. Yummy!