SF: little italy.

I think I startled this guy.

Union Square Park.

I just noticed the girls little bonnet hat behind me & my tired face...very cute hat.

Jack the wack?! Good guy.

I loved walking up and down the streets of Little Italy, even though my husband may argue otherwise.
[We walked for miles up and down the hilly city trying to find Little Italy until we realized we actually passed it miles ago... and my little feet were burning by the time we reached our destination.] Luckily, the park in Union Square was the perfect spot for a little rest and downtime. I can't actually tell you which italian restaurant to dine at since we both weren't in the mood for heavy pasta and ended up eating, of course, mexican food! See, I'm a mix of Italian, French, and Mexican, so I felt a little bad not trying out the other side of my roots since I'm always eating mexican food...good stuff.

Ah well, Next time for sure.


  1. Awesome pictures!! Looks like you guys had such a nice time :)

  2. I'm jealous of your SF fun. It's so beautiful there.

  3. fun!! love these photos. i want to go back to SF!

  4. you're making me miss northern california so much!

    have a lovely weekend :)

    xo Alison