The hubs and I spent a lovely evening over in Cloverdale, a quaint little town that has regular community get-togethers. We went to their FNL, which featured some fun music, good food, & a mini farmer's market. 


Everything was cute and simple, leaving time for Ryan and I to roam the nearby streets, analyzing nearby homes and what our future home would have and not have. So far here is a list we've come up with:

1. Small town
2. Dark streets so we can stargaze on the roof and play around with a telescope
3. Near things to do and places to visit (aka: not in the middle of nowhere)

1. Has a porch
2. Friendly neighborhood
3. Not plain looking... Has character
(yess I know this is not very specific but I can't stand plain houses on plain streets. It's not inspiring.)

Mind you, this list is small, but we have just begun to even consider serious house-hunting.
I just can't stand the thought of paying rent for much longer on an apartment that we'll never truly be able to call our own. 


  1. We (me and the bf) went through this last few months. We have had enough of renting and finally got a nice two-bed for a good price. Been here for a month and we love the fact that it's ours!! No more renting! Yeay!

    thanks for dropping by my page Bri! btw I have already read the curious incident of the Dog. I loved it - which is why I am trying to give Mr Haddon another chance and read one of his funnier ones. :) xo

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    That first picture is really adorable! Oh my hubby would love dark streets so we could star gaze too. He absolutely loves it!

    I wish we had a porch. It would be perfect.

  3. looks like fun!! i love farmer's markets!