As Autumn falls upon us, a season that holds new beginnings, I can't help but feel the bittersweet transition of a new year: the start of a new school year, work environment, or just environment in general. Change is on the tip of our fingers, inviting yet scary all the same. As for me, I am anticipating future events with eagerness but am always aware of the uncanny feeling of fear. Fear of the future, the unknown, and what I undeniably know. 

So to help myself feel a little bit more grounded amidst all the fog and dust I have created a little tradition for myself: to find something that will inspire and invoke a sense of peace. One year it was this movie, Freedom Writers, that inspired me profusely and this year it is this book, Eat, Pray, Love

I am currently indulging myself in this book and am loving it. I'm a fan of Julia Roberts and am more than excited to see her casted in the movie as well, of course once I'm done reading the book. I'm also excited to have discovered Dogeared's Collection of beautiful gems that have been inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's journey through Italy, India, and Indonesia in search of pleasure, devotion and balance. 
I love the idea of creating unique pieces that each have a special message from the book that we have connected with and can now carry around with us as our own journey unfolds. 

Happy readings! x.o.


  1. I have yet to read this book or see the movie but I really hope to get around to it soon! I've heard so many good things!

  2. I started reading Eat Pray Love too :)

  3. i love your blog banner.. so cute!

    I think I'll have to take a girlfriend to see this movie, don't think the it's the boyfriend's thing.

  4. is that a good book for 14 year girl like me!? my mom just don't let me to read strange book that she don't know..
    please tell me and reply my comment. thank you.
    xo, Lorine

  5. vanessa: please do! you'll love it!

    sarah: : )

    rolerkite: thank you! & you should make the boy see it! i'm having my boy come : )

    lorina: hmm well it depend on your def of what's strange. in terms of being weird, no...her book deals with the reality of everyday life and a journey we all travel in our own way. her thoughts and emotions are actually quite common and human. in terms of being appropriate, i will say she can be quite blunt which may cause some to see this as a little provocative. i think that you should be fine but if you decide to not read it now, you should in your early twenties as you may relate and understand the story more.

    hope this helps! xo.