hello again.

Happy 15th to my sister!

This past week has been terribly busy (but in a good way) with school starting up again and what not. I even got to finish some fun projects on the side, one of them being a birthday card for my lovely little sister for her big 15th which we celebrated on Thursday virtually with fun birthday messages (I wish I could have been there). The card I made for her was from the Renegade Craft Fair we went to early August that I talked about here and here. It was quite fun sewing in colorful threads that outlined into a cute little cupcake. Oh and of course personalizing it with my collection of Hello Kitty stickers!

*photo taken via ShakeIt photo app on husband's phone.

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  1. Hi Bri, thank you for visiting my blog :)

    That is such a sweet birthday card. I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty stickers, too. They make any letter or card so much more cheerful.