oh heat waves.

As much as I'm not a fan of this heat wave that has hit Nor. Cal. for the past few weeks,
 it happens to be the perfect excuse to eat bowls of watermelon everyday!
(gotta keep on the bright side somehow...)

But seriously where is my fall weather?
Please be kind enough to grace us with your wonderful presence soon.
And yes, I realize that I just created a "person" out of a season.
We're just bff's like that.


  1. I mean...any excuse to eat more watermelon!
    Here in AL it's the same thing. And it's flippin' October!
    Cool down already!

  2. Here it's already freezing! So no watermelons for me, but tea, hot chocolates and sitting near the fireplace!

  3. Ahhh, i'm kind of glad it's getting really autumny over here, i love it. I'm happy you're a autumn person too, hehe! xxxxxx

  4. Oh i wish we had a heat wave in London.
    I love heat...let's swop.
    I get the watermelon, you a cup of tea ; )