holiday craft fair.

Hey pals, just a little update I'd like to share. Renegade holiday craft fair this weekend in the city! If you happen to be in close distance it's worth it to come on by. The hubs and I will be there tomorrow, meeting fellow bloggers and celebrating our 6 year anniversary as a dating couple (yes, we still celebrate that one). Can you believe he asked me to be his girlfriend on my 16th birthday?! Now we've been married for a year and a half. Time sure does fly by.

Speaking of time flying by, yesterday December 17th I turned the big ole' 22! I'm so old. Ha, no not really :)  Stay tuned for photos that involve elated happiness, sparklers, cupcakes, and a few bands or two.

xo. bri

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  1. Hi Bri! It's Melissa from Purple Deer Vintage. You won the giveaway...you should e-mail me back soon...My e-mail is purpledeervintage @ gmail.com