1. Muffin and I amidst the beautiful fall in Virginia.
2. Ryan's personalized placemat, courtesy of the kids.
3. My personalized placemat, courtesy of the kids.
4. Delicious homemade food.
5. Snowmen cookies, with scarves and all.
6. Ryan and his wonderful Grandma.
7. Bucket full of thankfulness.
8. Sam playing soccer with the boys in the leaves.
9. Hubby and I in his new favorite coat.
10. Beautiful table setting.
11. My red wine and turkey.
12. Sister-in-law Tyler with puppy Charlie who can say, "Momma!"

Our Thanksgiving in Charlottesville, Virginia was quite the perfect day filled with family and the making of new friends over an amazing feast and some good red wine. I'm grateful for days like this, when family and friends reunite making memories that will last a lifetime.


  1. great pictures! you guys looked great, i really love your outfit!

  2. what a great idea for a table cloth! i am totally stealing this idea next year!

  3. I'm scrolling, scrolling, looking at all your great pictures and I see the table cloth thing for your Thanksgiving feast….PRECIOUS! I really, really, really like it. And I will probably copy the idea for our next family gathering.