I heart tea.

This morning I woke up sluggishly and made myself a cup of english breakfast black tea, with a teaspoon of blackberry honey. 


As I was sipping away I called my parents for our ritual weekend chat and caught up on good 'ole southern california. I love and miss my family {a lot}.
It was a nice start to an afternoon of cleaning, chores, laundry & redecorating.
I'm so much more at peace when my home is fresh & clean.

We   R E A L L Y   need to get in a better habit of cleaning on a weekly basis.
I grew up in a home that was always kept tidy & clean.
Thank god for the past 20 years of living under my parents influence.
Thanks to them I am conditioned to "clean my room and bathroom once a week."
By this point, it's a part of me that's always nagging to be responsible.
But I secretly love it because I have such great role model parents & I feel like a good daughter when I
uphold my share =)

photo via http://weheartit.com/entry/1384070



I am very relieved it is finally the weekend.
Today, the hubby & I went out for brunch at
Don Taylor's Omelette Express.

It is quickly becoming one of our favorite cafe spots.
The atmosphere is lively yet relaxing.
It is adorable like a little bed & breakfast.
It's in santa rosa, on 4th street Railroad Square.
I love the historical site.
Cobblestone pathways & brick red buildings.
When I'm there I feel like I'm on a mini vacation.



Lately, I've been feeling tight, stiff and in pain.
(to the point where I can barely keep up with my 2nd graders!)
rather than continuing to lay down helplessly, I decided to do some yoga.
And it helped A LOT.
Sometimes I really forget what's most important in my daily exercise routine.
I'm always focusing on the cardio and pilates and not enough on the yoga.
Before I go off on a run tomorrow, I'm definitely doing some yoga.
It helps me achieve a well-being of balance in my life.

namaste <3

photo via yoga


midnight sprinkles.

This is what the hubs & I do at midnight....
we bake yummy brownies... 
which finally gave me an excuse to use our new owl oven mittens =)
a brownie is not compete without ryan's favorite topping,
 Betty Crocker's Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting. 
Oh & of course my favorite, sprinkles!
we watched the comical movie Coyote Ugly.
We stayed up late.
What little night owls we are...(i know, i know we're crazy party animals)
Nonetheless it was a great night!



This past Saturday
 a few friends & Ryan and I went on a gorgeous hike:

lisa & charlie!
meet morrison! Cute pup.
we discovered some indian TP huts!
pretty view
& ....
after we went out for some chinese food at this really good restaurant.
[poor charlie found a tick on his neck! eeek!]
Thank goodness he caught it.
Ryan had to check me after and I'm glad to say I am tick free!

It was a much needed relaxing day =)

{sorry for crappy quality... photos via celly phone}



This photo pretty much sums up how awesome my sister is.
This photo was taken over christmas break.
We had some fun time dancing, dressing up, taking awkward photos and endless videos.
She really is a girls best friend.
It makes me sad to think that the next time I get to see her and my family is over spring break!
Tooo loong.

I think some sister-napping is in order here.
Anyone who owns or has access to a plane please contact me =)
It would help speed up the process a bit so I can see my other half.

I love my peanut.


drip drops.

It's finally raining... and I love it!
Thunderstorms and lightning...the whole package.
Everything is a luscious green.
I'm excited for spring and all the beautiful blooming that comes from gushing rain.
Although I'm not too excited for the non stop allergy attacks that come with it....



I have a dream.

It's important to remember what this day is all about.
Thanks to this man, the world is a little bit better.
thank you.

please take the time to watch this.



How do I define what lover means?


I have a lover.
 He picked me up from a long day of work tonight. 
With him was a warm dinner. He drove us to the movie theater. 
We ended up seeing Leap Year:

Leap Year movie image Amy Adams and Matthew Goode (2).jpg

We really enjoyed it! It touched a few heart strings in me. I'm not going to lie =)
And after we treated ourselves to some yummy cold stones.
It's very rare that I ever eat real ice cream, so it was a treat.
It was the perfect ending to a pleasant day and I have to thank my lover for that.
I'd have to say my lover is defined as: Ryan Richard DeLang <3


Owls & pretty things.

I'm quite an Owl lover. 
They are simply put....beautiful.
Ryan, the hubby, is a fan too. We've started our own little owl collection...and it's growing.
As goes with everything- overdoing things is a bit too much.
So I have decided to only buy things that stand out more than others.

Later (when all my cameras are charged) I will post our Owl collection.
But for now, to curb the craving I have for items I know I currently can't afford...I will blog splurge =p
I can't help but picture a few of these random finds for my"one day, in the future" baby...

Product Image Tadpoles Set of 3 Wall Hangings - Owls
Target-Tadpoles Set of 3 Wall Hangings

Product Image DecoBreeze Figurine Fan - Owl
Target-DecoBreese Figurine Fan

UO-Plastic Owl Posts

UO- Owl Candle

UO- Macramé Owl

UO-Owl Couple Printed Cotton Rug

Hoot, Hoot Switchplate, Double

Anthropologie-Hoot, Hoot Switchplate Double

Owl Invasion Apron
Anthropologie-Owl Invasion Apron

Curiouser Lamp
Anthropologie-Curiouser Lamp

owl doorstop
Anthropologie-Owl Doorstop

Wide-Eyed Dishtowel, Aqua
Anthropologie-Wide-Eyed Dishtowel 

Wide-Eyed Dishtowel, Pink
Anthropologie-Wide-Eyed Dishtowel

Beaded Creature Necklace
Anthropologie-Beaded Creature Necklace

I'd really like to make the last three finds.
It would make a fun art project.
Now that I think about it I may plan a tea + arts in crafts day with my good buddy Lisa from work.
She's really awesome & creative.


lovely present.

Aren't these boots adorable?
I've had my eye on them for the past few months but they were quite the penny pincher.
 I was really excited when I got them as a christmas present.
They add a lovely vintage touch to just about any outfit.


My hubby got these cool kicks =)

 UO Boots


Bedtime stories

The Sleepy Owl
by Marcus Pfister...

I found this adorable little book at work today...and I couldn't help but to bring it home to the Hubs.
I'm really excited to read it as a bedtime story tonight!
In the beginning years of mine and ryan's relationship he used to take me to the park and read short stories from "The Grimn's Fairytales." These are the simple things, the tiny seeds that helped sprout the beautiful marriage we now have today.

BUT, I have to admit that in marriage it's easy to fall off track and forget the little things that mattered the most.
It's nice to have a simple refresher and bring back the good 'ole times.




I haven't blogged in tooo long of a time. 
This is a sad habit of mine. 
But this New Year I'm working on: consistency.

Since blogging is a favorite past time of mine, I'm going to devote more of my time
to partaking in this lovely site. However silly it may sound, I look forward to reading my favorite blogs, everyday.I truly wish more people would blog.
Facebook is great, especially now that I live 8 hours away from 
all my family and friends, but BLOGGING is such a fun
and intimate way of learning about others and sharing ideas.

From now on I pledge (okay, for lack of a less sillier word...I promise) to maintain
a consistent blog throughout this year. I have soooosoo many goodies I have to share
with everyone! Many stories, adventures, recipes, pictures, quotes, ideas, and love to

I promise.