if you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.


When I think of the path that I have carved for myself this past year, I can't help but smile.
I came into marriage, a new school, and a whole new location not really knowing what to expect and I am so happy I took everything with open arms.

Here's to the future!

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cat in a box.

....a little letter to my dear Kimiko.

Dear Kimiko,

Even though you tend to pee occasionally around our home and have caused some unnecessary stress, we still love you and promise to not pack you away in a box and ship you far far away because I'm proud to say we've been through much as a family and you are in the end our little teradactyl.


name that baby...


My relatives on my mom's side of the family created awhile back a facebook page for all of us where we can post pictures and keep updated on family events. This is my extended family we are talking about...close to 500+ people and still growing. One of my Tia's had a fun idea where she posted photos of everyone when they were pratically babies and everyone got to guess who was who. Of course those chubby baby cheeks gave me away because everyone knew it was me.



sunfilled sunday lounging by the pool with a bowl of fruit.


This Sunday was a blissful 76 °.
Which quickly translated to our entire apartment complex: pool day!
 It was a refreshing mini vacation for us as it was our first visit to our apartment pool.
The smell of BBQ was in the air and summer never felt closer.
Finally soaking up some sun into my skin and nibbling on a bowl of juicy fruits was just what I needed.

I'm just glad we soaked up the sun while we had the chance because this week is a lovely gloom filled with rain.
But that's okay, at least everything will be a pretty green for the first few weeks of summer.

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treasured gifts from my little 2nd graders.

I loove this button bracelet.
 If the string wouldn't fall apart so easily I would wear it everyday!

The story behind this beautiful beaded necklace is one of my favorites:
Jesus, the sweetest boy in the world, took the time in class to make me an adorable necklace. 
Only when he went to make sure it was the right length around my neck to tie it together, the entire string of beads went rolling everywhere on the floor.

It was quite sad, only he patiently gathered the beads and brought them home with him.

Guess what?!
The next day at school he surprised me with a colorful necklace!
Over the weekend he made it over again...another reason why I love children.

Evil Eyes. They symbolize protection against evil.
I have them hanging over my desk.

My Wall of Fame.
A binder collection of these for a job interview 
would make a larger impact in my world.

I pretty much couldn't ask for anything more.




Lately, I've been remembering certain things about my past. I feel that this year I grew up so much and have moved forward in so many areas of my life, but I have this achy feeling that I'm losing touch with my past. Fond memories with close cousins and relationships are becoming distant memories. So distant, I'm forgetting faces I never thought I would and my brain is trying hard to not lose special memories. 

photo via karin


a good ending.

I love nights where I am able to come home, burnt out and all, and take pleasure in a nice long run. And then take with me my little sidekick, Thumper, on a mini night drive to get a delicious burrito and horchata in her little red tote bag. And eat my dinner away as I watch 90210 (yess... i watch). And end my night with a warm shower and listening to jónsi of sigur rós who has just released his solo album, go. 

what a good way to end a long day.

meet popcorn.

My sisters cat from back home.
Ever since I moved away and come back for little visits he is super nice to me.
My sister even pointed out that he sorta tends to flirt with me...

haha, nonetheless I'm flattered =)


i'm a helpless romantic.

This adorable photo makes me weak in the knees.
This is exactly how I plan to spend my time once summer days roll along.

My weekend was spent sleeping, working out, and researching & writing an essay on the movie Dr. Strangelove for my cold war class. Turns out this was actually kind of interesting to write about. The film is filled to the brim with black humor and intense criticism. The perspective of this film is the splitting image of Kurt Vonnegut, an author I admire.

I'm beginning to develop a fascination for old films.
Any suggestions?

photo via Stacie & Geoff


date night at the cinemas.

As of a few days ago, Ryan got a job at the theater in our quaint downtown!
Netflix? Forget it!
We can see a flick a day for free!
Not that we'll be going every single day, but that's another item to knock off on our budget list.
Did I mention we have a 3rd guest pass?

romantic movie nights, every night.


 photo via lomography

My favorite letter is R.
My favorite number is twenty-one.
My favorite color is candy mint apple.
My favorite flowers are daisies.
My favorite place is the beach.
My favorite animals are my kitties.
My favorite smell is irish spring shower soap.
My favorite season is autumn.
My favorite food is broccoli.
My favorite show is Will & Grace.
My favorite sweets are chocolate chunk cookie dough ice cream.

My favorite movie is The Notebook.
My favorite time is 6:25.
My favorite band is Lauren Pritchard.
My favorite drink is horchata.
My favorite book is Grimm's Fairy Tales.
My favorite word is subtle.
My favorite thing is sunshine.

original idea from  Have Heart


warm nights with the windows open is my favorite.

Here are a few reasons why I miss my visit from S. Cal:

1. Being able to sleep with my bedroom window open this spring break was a pleasure.
Warm nights have not graced  N. Cal yet.

2. Seeing my family everyday was the best.  

3. Knowing a few of my close friends were just down the street was nice.

4. Having all of my favorite food places within a few miles.
Sushi, mexican, chinese, tai... and the people at some of these places know us as regulars!

5. Being close to Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Ventura... just a few of my favorite spots.


my very own sunshine blog award!

 One of my favorite blogs, owlsomegifts, passed the Sunshine Award to me!
As an owl lover, I am obsessed with all the magical and creative crafts she shares on her blog.
Click on over to her blog to see what I mean. 

Now I get to pass this little special award to 12 great bloggers!
These people never cease to amaze and inspire me with their thoughts, creations, photos, and energy.

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it's a tuesday, which calls for some inspiration.


Sometimes, in the middle of the week, I hit this wall where I feel like my feet are dragging. 
More than half the time when this happens, I realize it's because I'm worried about something that's in the future. Lame. So my goal this week is to focus less on all the things and decisions I have to make and enjoy the present. 

On another note, I miss Starbuck's "The Way I See It" quotes. I don't see them around anymore. 
Did they run our or something?
 I could submit a few...

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seastars forever.

My little sister (not so little anymore) is my best friend.
For christmas I got her a matching bracelet, hence the photo above.
Whenever I wear mine, I always think of how lucky I am to have such an amazing sister.
I seriously can't wait to have her come up North and visit with me.
Oh the plans I have.... 


happy easter, from us to you.

Our Easter was lovely.
We went to an amazing service with a great family.
After we made a trip to Oliver's market to pick up a fresh roll of bread.
Dashel, the sweetest little first grade boy ever, enjoyed the rainy ride as we listened to some Owl City and introduced him to Death Cab for Cutie.
Then we headed on over to the Henkel's for a delicious brunch, blew up some peeps, and some tea.


toasted bagels & a hot bowl of avena.

A few days ago, when I was visiting my family my mom made the perfect breakfast.
A bowl of yummy avena and a plate of toasted mini bagels.
Simple and satisfying. 

Avena is one of those foods that reminds me of my childhood.


homemade dinner: happily home with my family.

Finally happily at home with my family my mom greeted us with a delicious, healthy meal.
I'm craving a repeat already.
They are my best.

long drive through the grapevine & a lovely violet field.

snapshot of lake pyramid

Our long 8 hour drive home is scenic for the most part, but a good portion of it is spent 5-6ish hours on the long, endless I-5. However, the long haul was well worth it when the end of the endless road met a vast violet field. Ry and I quickly pulled off the road to make a little visit and were greeted by other passer goers who had the same idea in mind. We walked right into the flowers and I can't explain how precious, a little glimpse of heaven. 
I could have walked there for hours.