the things that keep me going.


This week has been intense.
It's officially the end of the year of a job that has made an everlasting impact on my life.
This week  has consisted of everything from laughter, tears, crazy dance fiestas, some more laughter and tears...especially with my 2nd graders.

On our last day together as a class, we sat in a circle and shared our favorite memory of cool school. One by one our kids eyes filled up with tears and our chorus of sobs began for a good 30 minutes. 
And then some more cupcake, cheerful time.

In regards to the quote above, these kids have taught me this.

image via tumblr


our brave little ones.

             Thumper!                         Kimiko!

The two babies in the family got to have their stitches taken out today!
As much as I would love to raise a liter of kittens, 3 kittos will have to do for now.
[get it? kit-tos instead of kid-dos!]

bahaha, I'm so clever late at night...

hope everyone had a good monday!

....only 3 more days left of work with my 2nd graders
...this is sad!


simply vietnam.

To celebrate our completion of our spring semester the Hubs & I visited Simply Vietnam, one of our favorite new restaurants. I love the calm atmosphere and the kind waiters who apparently Ryan already made friends with. Love that boy. My meal consisted of my favorites: Thai Iced Tea, Egg Rolls, and Curry Tofu and Vegetables over noodles! After we went to see Shrek Forever After, and it was so cute and funny! We have been enjoying movie nights once or twice every weekend since Ryan works there and has passes for us for freeee. Once again, I love this boy.


water & picnic club.

What better way to enjoy a day at work than having a water & picnic club 
outside in the sunshine with our kiddos. 
The steps:

1) Mix to your taste fresh mint leaves, cucumber slices and lemon wedges in water for a refreshing feel.

2) Or strawberries and orange slices for a sweet tangy taste.

3) Poor over a cup of ice and voilà !

Just thought I'd share one of my adorable 2nd graders in the mix.
He loves to suck on lemons...and then makes the cutest sour-squishy face.


goodness of chocolate.

Even during the well known hustle and bustle that characterizes most college students' during the month of May, the delectable goodness of chocolate, is and will always be a staple reward system in the DeLang household.


our babies survived the no-fun process of kitty spaying.

      thumper, my baby.


It was so sad to see our two babies Kimiko and Thumper drugged to the point of oblivion.
The poor things had a difficult time simply keeping their eyes open and Thumper couldn't walk or hold her body weight for the life of her. I'm just so relieved we finally spade our kitties. The vet confirmed the notion that the two were both in heat...which was quite early as they are not even a year old yet. Apparently it's very uncommon being that young, but of course we got the little rascals type.

Cross your fingers this solves Kimiko's "urge-to-pee-on-everything-I- see attitude"
because frankly it's driving us nuts.


fill in the blank friday.

[fill out your own over at the the little things we do]

1.  The very best thing about the summer is   the warm summery nights where I can without question go out in a summery dress, filled with drives with the window down,  swimming in refreshing pools, drinking fruit smoothies, stargazing & fireflies.  

2.  My first crush ever was      a boy named Toni  in preschool.? Our teacher was getting married and one day at recess we were sitting on the benches chit chatting about marriage and we made a promise that if we never found someone to marry we would marry each other. Yeah...I began young with the boys on the topic of marriage. I'm married now. ha.

3.  This may sound really silly but    I wrote my "This I believe Essay" on fortune cookies. I'm actually pretty happy with how it came out. I just might post it later. 

4.  I squeeze my toothpaste from    the middle of the tube and when it's running low I roll it up...makes it much easier (not that's it's hard in the first place.)
5.  My absolute favorite "comfort food" is    mexican food always and forever. Oh and you can't forget the Horchata, my favorite sweet rice water drink. 

6.  A random fact about me is that      I played the trumpet from 6th grade to 8th grade and made my way to 1st chair. I even got to do a solo with another trumpeter. I miss making music with tons of awesome people. 

7.  The one piece of technology that truly makes my life better and I couldn't live without is    my ipod. In my world, music makes everything better and can turn any frown upside down. Plus, I need those beats to get my workout on!


saturday part I: give from the heart human race.

Saturday morning I ran the 10k for The Human's Race!
A lot of amazing non-profit organizations were there and CalServes (my job) was a part of it!
I've always loved distance running and this run was perfect...the scenery of the lake, the slopes, and people of all ages out there making a difference.
Plus, the booths at the end of the race are always pretty amazing to check out. 


saturday part I: birthday boy, cupcakes, gifts, sushi.

This past weekend has been pretty rad.
Saturday was Ryan's 21st birthday! 
That night we had an amazing sushi with hot sake.

Shadow box I made for Ry:
Polaroid of us at the beach
sea glass we collected at the beach (will post more on that later)
favorite antique key .


Irish Car Bomb & Ooh La La Cupcakes!

i loved the little fishess artwork that swam in our hot sake goodness.

After endless hours of getting lost in one of my favorite antique stores, I found the perfect gift for Ryan.
See, he loves short stories of all kinds: adventure, monty phython style, sentimental...ect.
As I was scavenging my way through the dusty rows of bookshelves, this little book stood out to me.
Since we already own every other genre of short story collections I decided classic children's stories would be a must to our growing collection. This way we will already have all the adorable classics to read to our 

I also went on a hunt for cool skeleton keys. We both have a thing for antique keys and Ryan has been on the lookout for one and I finally found two unique keys that have a touch of character and treasure-ness. 


sending love to my mom.


...to an amazingly beautiful supporter,
 advice maker,
 nuturing woman...
 my mom.

[& happy 100th  post to my little blogger self!]

photo via tumblr


1950's bathing beauties.

1950's Bathing Beauties by Shannon D1970.

This is from an old German magazine.
I love everything in this photo, from the vintage swimsuits to the beach straw hats.

There is something about old magazines that I enjoy flipping through.
Whenever I visit any antique store I always make sure to scavenge the old magazine section.
It's interesting to see how styles and perspectives have evolved, changed, and appear again in different forms.

photo found via flickr


take 'n' bake pizza.

This place was discovered last week when Ryan & I were kid sitting three awesome kids for a family friend. The convenience of creating our very own personal pizza and taking it home to bake was fun. The goodness of pizza aroma filled the home while we sat and played Apples to Apples (the best game ever!)
I'm thinking another game/pizza night soon is a must.

Go make and bake your own at http://papamurphys.com/ !


late night hospital emergency visits.

This post could be filled to the brimm with complaining about how hospitals
 are chaotic yet slow and disgusting and depressing especially when you're there from 3am till 10:30....
 (wait...I just complained!).

With that put aside I really am thankful that my husband is going to be okay,
the humorous nurse who made me laugh,
the calm doctor who took care of my best friend,
and for water and sleep.


It seems that whenever I'm in hospitals the ticking of the clock is always there.
Starring at the clock, surrounded by closed white walls drives me insane.
All I know is that if I'm ever dying, I don't want it to be in a hospital.

photo via clock