meet peanut.

Over Christmas break, my sister brought home a new addition to the family, a baby kitten! 

Meet Peanut. 
She can balance a ball on top of her head (for a good 1.5 seconds)
Play hide-and-go-seek for hours on end (darn her ability to squeeze under any piece of furniture)
 Cuddle and snuggle your sleeps away
 Go crazy over a piece of string or anything that moves her way
Has the courage to approach a male cat 20x her size and say hello
Enjoys free rides, even in your purse
Purrs like a motorboat
& melts hearts away*.

*I can't wait to see little ms. peanut on my next visit home. Hopefully she hasn't already grownup on me!


  1. Cute kitty!
    YOU HAVE to come to San Francisco Sun for a mani/pedi. Seriously. $30 and it includes free wine?! Can't beat it! And it borders on the Haight and GGPark. I love this place. :)

    Glad you found me cause now I'm following you and I love bay area bloggers. :)

  2. I love her already! And her name is so adorable.
    Love your blog! Come check out mine.


  3. Peanut! Such a cute kitty and such a cute name...


  4. peanut is such a cute name! and i love that you agreed with my 7 facts :)

  5. Kittens/cats are my favorite! They are seriously the sweetest thing ever!!