high tide.

Despite feeling a bit overwhelmed with life these past few weeks with
 receiving unsettling news, graduation soon approaching, 
and very in the near future decisions needing to be made,
 I haven't lost sight of the little things that make me smile from the inside out.

1. Lunch break with my Ryzors & a huge bag of yogurt covered pretzels.

2. Clock tower on campus.

3. In the library on a rainy day finishing school work with a tid bit of daydreaming. 

4. Pomegranate greek yogurt. I love the fruit filling!

5. The hubs brought home a little treat for me after a trip from Oliver's Market. 

6. Oh how I do love little treats, especially in the shape of miniature piglets (almost too cute to eat).

 I'm off to a warm shower and hopefully a good night's rest.
sweet dreams blog land.


  1. Oh what great photos -that pig chocolate is just great. Love the header for your blog


  2. Great photos, the truffle pig is so cute! I would have had a hard time eating that as well. I hope your overwhelmed feelings soon dissipate.

  3. Lots of little pictures and one of Greek yogurt. Love it.

  4. Eeep, these photos are so so great. You are adorable. And I've recently become obsessed with Greek yogurt. I really like the strawberry and honey flavor that Greek Gods makes... Ugh, totally wish I had it in my fridge right now!