birthday dinner: part II

spicy tuna rolls
ramen: chicken, noodles, egg
chef david
chef ryan
sparkler dancing
favorite couple
birthday girl!

After a day hiking at Armstrong Redwood Forest and soaking in the sun at Johnson's beach we sure built up an appetite. A quick trip to the grocery store for a few essential items and a stop at our place for goodies we already had (it's a nice thing that we lived in the same complex), we were well on our way to making one of the most DELICIOUS homemade meals. Of course the boys did all the cooking (we are lucky girls!) while we snacked on edamame and sipped on sake.*

After our meal of spicy tuna rolls + california rolls + chicken ramen (i told you we were  h u n g r y), we celebrated with red velvet cupcakes made by Ryan and green tea mochi!! Ryan and I had a bag of left over sparklers from the 4th, so we took the party outside to dance in the night with glowing sticks of amazingness.

I really miss these two. I'm crossing my fingers they move down here next year!

*my dear friend christa was cheering & taking "shots" of sake while this divine japanese rice beverage is meant to be savored.... she's just that cute.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I love fireworks :)