little bike ride adventure.

While living up north, we found many scenic bike routes and one hot summer evening we decided to go on one. Our little adventure at first was quite peaceful until I heard a loud "ZAP!" on the side of my back and milliseconds later felt a shaper stinging pain which resulted with me screeching to a stop on my bike. Let me tell you... it is not fun being stung while zooming down on a slope. It was in fact painful. I can deal with a shot, maybe two. But this felt like I was given a shot every 5 seconds in continuous spasms for 3 hours.

As we headed back to the car, we bumped into some paramedics who were fixing the elevator that got stuck (with people in it) we were about to go in. They informed me I had not only been stung once by a wasp, but two times! ayeeee. Guess it makes up for a lifetime of never having been stung...ever, haha*

*good news: i was not allergic! hurrah!


  1. stung TWO times?! oh my goodness that is crazy!
    I've been stung while riding my bike to (when I was little) It was so scary!

    besides that, your pictures are pretty! looked like a beautiful scenic bike ride:)

  2. I was stung once when I was little, and I've been paranoid ever since! Awesome photos :)