everyday is a new beginning.

B A C K T O S C H O O L.
2::Button shirt, $35
5::Miss Selfridge capri jeans, £37
6::TOMS metallic green shoes, $69
1::Deux Lux back pack bag, $69
4::Antique brass jewelry, $25
3::Floral jewelry
7::Monsoon buckle belt, £10
9::The Container Store > Bright Stockholm Pencil Cup, $4.99
8::Bold Fashioned Journal, $27
10::Next Chapter Glasses, $12

PRINT::Paul Smith T-shirt - Japan Earthquake Appeal T-shirt, $175

This is the first year where I no longer have the jitter bugs for new classes and the excitement for "back to school" outfits. Yes, I know sounds kinda lame but since I can remember I was always excited to enter the school year with a fresh perspective and of course some new kicks and some pretty school supplies. So in tribute to some of my favorite little traditions, this set* I feel encompasses everything I would like for my first back to school outfit. Now I'll just have to create outfits in real life now for work! {i'll always be a little school girl at heart}.

I just read an old back to school post of mine and am amazed and a little teary eyed at all my husband and I have accomplished together in the last two years at SSU. It's insane how fast time flew. Those will be in my mind no doubt some of the best years of our lives. And to think we have a lifetime ahead of us....I'm thrilled!

*to see other sets (i'm new to polyvore...and addicted) go to brianna-renee


  1. back to school shopping isn't as exciting as it was in elementary and junior high. mostly because there are absolutely no lisa frank folders anywhere.

    and it's not lame at all that you miss not getting the back to school jitter bugs! every time i buy a new notebook i get them. school girls for life!!

  2. Great choices, I love that back pack and those earrings!

  3. hi lovely! thanks for stopping by my site and saying what up.

    I adore that top! and floral jewelry is always a good idea...