pleasant surprise.

i love the silly expression both ryan and the bunny seem to be sharing.

Yea. my school is pretty cool. You never know when your going to be pleasantly surprised by a random petting zoo in the middle of campus filled with alpacas, lambs, goats, bunnies, chickens, turtles and you know, friends. Best thing about it all (besides holding all the animals like babies) was the crew was there to simply give people something to smile about that day. They succeeded alright! 


urth cafe.

i love my dad & mom. perfect couple i know.

During my trip back home visiting good ole' southern california, we ate at Urth Cafe in Santa Monica. Beautiful sunset, warm weather, tasty healthy food, pretty honey vanilla chai tea latte, great company...what more could I ask for? I love that I have the ability to explore both Los Angeles, the area close to where I am from and San Francisco, the area I currently live close to. They are both so different and special in their own unique way*.

*i will always favor San Francisco the most hands down. best. city. ever.

Do you have a favorite city? Do tell!



Our sweet valentine's day was spent a majority of the time in classes, which we luckily have together. That night the hubs made pesto tortellini along with rosemary bread and steamed broccoli. Of course we still had room for the red velvet heart shaped desserts he surprised me with that we ate while watching Les Triplettes de Belleville in our candle lit living room.
 Romantic? Maybe.
 Perfect? Yes.

Oh, I couldn't leave out our babies so I brought home some "kitty grass" from the market. I may have gotten a few funny glances from strangers but the kitties love their patch of nutritious grass so it was worth it.

Also, a happy birthday to my other favorite man, my dad! He's a valentine baby. <3



During my visit back home with my family we made a day trip out to explore Lake Shrine's meditation gardens located near Santa Monica and Malibu in Pacific Palisades. A quiet serene landscape welcomed us and immediately I felt at peace. Open minds and open hearts, a world of religions weaved together, showing the sole importance of it all: our search to connect with God. A complex yet simple notion that I've always embraced. 



At one point I took a few moments to take few deep breaths to sit in a quiet temple beside my mom and reflect upon the faces of Jesus and other world religion leaders. As I was having my very peaceful moment Ryan apparently made friends with an adorable blue-eyed cat that he took around with him for the rest of the evening. It's hard to tell in this picture but the cat really did like him. A few people pointed out that he rarely lets anyone hold him. Guess Ryan has the magic touch.



This weekend was definitely low key (very sunny and hot), but still lovely. Saturday was spent lounging around since I wasn't feeling so well and my man had to go to work, bleh. But the husband and I had a lovely sunday picnic over at the lake nearby our place duck watching, while eating a delicious meal of korean food from Bear Korean, a recent favorite restaurant of ours. We played scrabble for game night (instead of the super bowl, hah) and of course Ryan won, but I put up a good fight. In fact, we actually used every single letter on the board! So in that case were both winners! 

Of course my weekend would not be so without gazing at the moon and pretty sunsets. Pink and purple skies.



This was our New Year's breakfast, made by my mom and I. Homemade french toast, topped with a few piece of fruit, drizzled with maple goodness and sugar powder. Of course a good breakfast in my world is not complete without a colorful assorted fruit platter, decorated by my mom. Isn't it pretty? 

I really do love breakfast. I think it's not only one of the most important meals of the day but the prettiest.  As a little girl my parent always made sure I never skipped breakfast. At 6am, before heading out to first grade, I always had a glass of milk and a warm blueberry muffin. Ahhh, carbs.