adventures in golden gate park.


I love visiting golden gate park and wish that it was only a walk away. I feel like I could venture along the pathways for hours on end walking, biking, running, you name it. I'm thinking this Spring calls for a bike ride along the golden gate bridge, through the park, and a little picnic while everything is so colorful and blooming. I believe that every town should have a beautiful park like this where people feel free to explore and mingle outside in the fresh air! 

xo & happy friday!


union street.


This past weekend Ry and I ventured over to union street in San Francisco walking in and out of little boutique shops, admiring the city life around and all the cute aromatic cafes. We stopped by American Cupcake for a little pick me up snack. Cutest cupcake place ever. Twinkling neon pink lights (even in the bathroom) best menu in terms of variety...they  have these little cupcake flights which consist of 3 mini cupcakes & 3 tastes of wine or beer. Pretty clever idea, although I don't know about you but I will always prefer a glass of milk with my red velvet cupcake. And go figure they have milkshakes too! 

Gotta love cupcake bakeries!
Do you have a favorite cupcakery or cupcake flavor? 


scenes from an easter sunday.

We shared a beautiful sunny day together, strolling around spring lake, eating jelly beans, and enjoying our little tradition of preparing little easter baskets for each other. 
And of course rejoicing.

despite the allergies, i'm thankful for spring and the birth of new life and new beginnings. 


mr. easter bunny.

On Saturday Ry & I worked at an easter egg hunt for the little ones and their families.
A few weeks before we helped paint the cutest signs, if I do say so myself (pictured above).

 Would you have guessed that my Ryzors is under that bunny suit?! Hah!
He's such a good sport. Some kids were so ecstatic to hug the easter bunny while others had crying fits...most were happy though!

best easter bunny ever.


jane eyre.

Jane Eyre: 
"Remember, the shadows are just as important as the light." 

jane eyre 1 303x450 Jane Eyre Movie PosterJane Eyre

Mr. Brocklehurst: And what is hell? Can you tell me that? 

Young Jane: A pit full of fire. 
Mr. Brocklehurst: And should you like to fall into that pit, and to be burning there forever? 
Young Jane: No sir. 
Mr. Brocklehurst: What must you do to avoid it? 

Young Jane: Keep well and and not die, sir. 

Last night Ry & I went finally went to see Jane Eyre*. First we picked up some thai food at the Thai House (such a cute restaurant in downtown SR) and brought our steamy bowls of curry & rice to the movie with us. I always love our movie dates especially after a long day at work, and at first I was unsure about the movie but I absolutely loved it! Such a whimsical, ethereal, gothic film. I love Jane. I admired her character's sense of morality, independence, and wit. Now I can't wait to read the book! Cheers to making my summer book list!

*a special thanks to the husband, who works two jobs, one of which allows us to see free movies!



Not too long ago Ry & I made a day trip out to Stinson Beach in which I mentioned over here. Lately I've been reminiscing over all the fun little trips we've made, and how much I'm craving another another getaway, really soon. I'm daydreaming about another trip to the cute quaint town of Stinson Beach, only this time make it a stay cation:
we'd spend the night at this adorable bed & breakfast and possibly
        enjoy cups of tea & coffee over delectable pastries and fruit

I wouldn't mind if Ry picked some wildflowers for me while we visit the cutest seaside bookstore
and then we'd scavenge through some thrifty items, maybe bringing a thing or two home as a souvenir

go for bike rides through the scenic routes

admire all the quirky decorations of a beach town

take a nap in the sun on a pretty hammock, maybe even get a little sun tan

spend some quality time exploring lovely northern ca with my lovie. 



single step.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
                         - Lao Tse

Thank you all for the kind thoughts. I am beginning to feel better, and more like myself, which is a pretty nice feeling. Once I'm 100% better I plan on going on a detox. And no, I don't mean detox as in not eating for days on end and drinking grapefruit concoctions. That's too extreme and  defeats the purpose of a healthy detox. So, if you have any books, sites, or advice you'd like to offer, puh-lease do! Or you can also join me, blogger support at its best!

Don't worry, I'll still be your friend if you choose not to give up the sweets and what nots. Just don't go posting about cupcakes and sugar and all....yikes!

xo, Bri



My apologies for been absent as of late. This past week I've been a busy bee with exams and work. Unfortunately, I'm stuck inside on a pretty sunday tending to my sore throat and fever...boo. But no worries! This evening I'm going to share all the remedies that have always proved best for me in fighting off a fever and sore throat.

1. gargle away with salt & hot/warm water.
2. sip on a cup of chamomile or green tea. soothing at it's best.
3. hydrate, hydrate! drink plenty of room temperature water.
4. one for the day. one for the night. and one for in-between.
5. these suckers work wonders.
6. vitamin it up!
7. alba deep sea facial mask. i figure this is the best time to use a face mask since all those feverish sweats give easy access to cleansing those pores!
8. keep your temperature in check with a thermometer (i always thought those things were cool as a kid!) rub vicks vapor on chest and neck, then apply warm towel. 
9. pile up the blankets, catch some zzz's and ahh relax.

Alright, now that I look like I'm a drug addict medicinal weirdo, I hope if you happen to catch a little bug this helps. Enjoy your Sunday lovies and go outside on an evening walk for me. :)


aroma roasters.

Enjoying a cup of oregon chai tea latte while gazing out the window with my sweetie. Mmmhmm, let me tell you I love all kinds of chai, but this particular one hit the spot. Aroma Roasters is definitely one of my favorite cafés to simply chit chat over a cup of goodness and enjoy the quaint view of downtown. 

On a random note, maybe one day we'll own our own café! Actually one of my dreams is to own a cute ole' bed & breakfast when we get old. Wooden floors, big windows, glass mugs, floral china, shelves filled with books, homemade pies!...sigh. I sure am a grandma at heart.


breakfast of champions.


mmhm, this is the breakfast I made for dinner on Saint Patrick's day. I wanted to make something special for the hubs and of course breakfast foods are much easier for me to make. It came out quite well if I may say so. 

       . Pretty grapefruit for a bargain at the market. amazing.

       . Eggs scrambled with potatoes & bits of turkey

       . Pancakes accompanied by the most delicious (most expensive) maple syrup I've ever tasted in a 
        pretty bottle

       . Glass of milk in my favorite glass mugs

I'm working my way up to cooking a more dynamic range of foods in the kitchen, but breakfast meals will always do too.


my roots go deep.

One of the best parts about living away from where I grew up, is visiting home. It's such a warm feeling coming home to familiar faces, streets, and sights that I know by heart. I've always had love for the simple details that are often overlooked, but my sense of appreciation has grown infinitely. This is partly due with age but mainly my experiences in life thus far. Marriage, moving away, completing college (graduation date 28 of may!), even blogging have all opened my eyes to greater depths. No matter where I am, I feel so happy to call this place home.Photobucket

Driving through scenic routes with green rolling hills, quirky palm trees, quaint towns passing old-fashioned brick buildings, sweet ole' victorian homes, fruit stands with the people I love is something I could get used to. Rummaging through all my mom's vintage items of fun sized records and playing with the cats, Peanut & Popcorns is da bomb diggity. How did I ever get so lucky?


Papa Chuy.

This past week I went back home to celebrate the life of my grandpa, Papa Chuy.
He will always be remembered as a kind, loving grandpa and we will all miss him very dearly.
R.I.P Papa Chuy.