easter sunday at the ranch.

{cake pops, made by me}
{yummy mini cheesecakes made by my cousin ciseal, she's a pro}
{peaceful bedroom view}
{me, baby bump & sister}
{beautiful fireplace with enough dreamy shelves for a collector such as i}

{cutest pair of best friends. these girls are all grown up!}
{old fashioned stove dominated by egg hunt preparations}
{my beautiful/hardworking mom}
{cutest easter eggs i've seen}

{precious baby girl}

{confetti surprise}
{this little boy loves his mama consu}
{little dude on a mission}

Easter spent at my Nina's ranch.
Good food. 
Delicious desserts.
Great family.
Cutest little cousins on an easter egg hunt.


Makes me so SO excited for Easter with my own little one next year!!


  1. You've got some gorgeous pictures there. Looking like you have some really loving people around you!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  2. your easter looks lovely!! and your baby bump!!! oh it's so cute.

  3. Hi. I need those shelves too. To, you know, fill with treasures. And to have an excuse to buy more. Because I always need an excuse for more thrifting!

  4. Those cake pops look delish!

  5. that striped dress you're wearing is so adorable!