it's a...

eeeeeee! i'm so excited!

Ever since we found out we're having a baby boy back in January, I've already been collecting some of the cutest baby boy clothes...and guilt free. I have my favorite local vintage thrift store that's a mama's treasure chest. In the way back, tucked away in the corner of a closet, is a room full of the cutest baby items. Quality, clean, and perfectly stain free items! My son may seem spoiled with wearing the high quality (aka outrageously priced) baby brands such as GAP, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren yada yada yada...BUT the truth is I only spent under a dollar for each item of clothing!

(I'm very excited about this!)

I purposefully have his little clothes, shoes, and books in eyesight in my room because honestly it's something tangible that I can touch and look at that promises my baby boy will soon be in my arms. Like those baby tumbles and kicks. They make me squeal with happiness.


  1. Congratulations! Great picks. I wish I was better at thrifting for clothes- I never seem to find the great stuff but at least I do get pretty much everything from the sale rack. I love the engineer overalls! We have a bigger pair like that but I think they're just about too small- so cute!

  2. Congrats!! Aw, a boy, how exciting!

    When are you due? I'm 18 weeks along and will find out in 3 weeks what we're having :)


  3. OMGOSH!! congrats congrats congrats a million times over!! i lovee this annoucement with the adorable little train conductor overalls!! :)!!