24 weeks.

24 weeks baby bump!

On this day I had went with my mom to work to visit her adorable 3rd grade class.
They were soo soo cute pointing at my protruding belly asking if a baby was in there.
When I confirmed yes, they got so excited and started asking all sorts of questions
Made me miss elementary school kids and their curiosity


  1. Little kids are the cutest. Congrats on your pregnancy! That is so exciting!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you come back soon!

  2. Oh, Bri! You are so adorable! Have you considered a natural birth and a doula? I just wanted to throw that idea out there as I have experience with a few births and if you need some recommended resources I'm happy to pass some info your way :)


  3. You are the cutest! Congrats girl!