braid bar.

my sister and i enjoyed a night out in the city getting our hair braided at the braid bar fundraiser feeling pretty and supporting an awesome cause. we got to spend some fun girly time in the clothing boutique myrtle, a new favorite filled with many treasures and great vintage finds, while sipping coffee and nibbling on mini chocolate chip cookies. we had the chance to meet so many lovely ladies like alison brislin herself and kate miss, one of my all time favorite bloggers from for me, for you. 

it's always so inspiring to see people pull together as a team to help out others in there time of need. definitely helps restore my faith in humanity after hearing stories on the news involving the psychotic nanny who destroyed two innocent children's lives in NY or the psychotic colorado movie theater killer. seriously am so disgusted by these people (if you can even call them that). okay, tangent much? rant ended.

 ari and i headed on over to a dia de los muertos festival just a few blocks down in silver lake and ended the night successfully with a $3 dollar ultimate mexican dinner and $1 pie. i mean the ENTIRE pie was only one dollar, and was probably the BEST pumpkin pie ever. thank you kind donaters :)

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  1. Beautiful braids! And you definitely can't beat a $1 pie!