hello, there.

like whoa, is my little man growing or what?! 100% breast fed baby over here. he's such a champ. really, i had no clue what i was doing the first time i nursed in the hospital but this baby here knew exactly what to do which made my job way way too easy. and for those mom's who work outside of the home and pump: double thumbs up to you! that's true dedication right there. i absolutely dislike pumping, i feel like i'm feeding two babies and i'm not a milk factory...geesh. seriously though, breast feeding is the way to go if you can do it (i know you've all already heard this before). Baby gets the best nutrition possible, grows to be all plump which makes for superb cuddle time, and mama burns 500 calories a day. It's a win, win!

Now moving on to,  f r i d a y  f a v o r i t e s:

perfect thanksgiving dress for the holiday festivities.
i'm going to have to try out this waterfall braid for one of the ten weddings we're attending next year.

fun build a fort kit for a rainy day.

brilliant article on mood vs. desire.

cutest little baby moccasins by freshly picked.

happy weekend and almost veterans day!


  1. Breast feeding is the best!!! I loved it and so did my babies. It sure is a win win!!

  2. Chubby babies are so stinkin' adorable! And I can't wait to have a baby so I can buy them some baby moccasins! I keep seeing those from freshly picked and I love them!

  3. um. those chubby cheeks are pure preciousness.

  4. It sounds like a great event to go! I'd love to visit someday too. Your braid hair looks so pretty! xo akiko
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