thumper & jace.

 ....kitty & baby photoshoot going on here....

my babybear is 3 days shy on turning an entire 2 months here back on august 3rd. here he is posing some serious, contemplative facial expressions with little ms. thumper. these two get along so well. it's like they are bro & sis. only difference being she's a feline and he's um, human. but seriously, these two are so cute together, especially when thumper gives him kitty kisses on his thunder thighs and purrs up against his buddah belly.

 tsukiko should have joined in on the camera action but she's camera shy, just like her daddy.  

for some fun around the blog here i'm adding
 a little "friday favorites" on random things i'm loving:

loving the burn from this blogilates workout routine!

this awesome baby stimulation video that keeps jace entertained for those few minutes of escape to brush my teeth or dare i say visit the potty?! (while improving his eye coordination!)

cute free printable love quote eye chart 

i've wanted my hair ombrified(??) is that a word? like this for over 2 years now... soon, soon! 

i'm wishing for some rainy weather this weekend so i can snuggle up on the couch and watch this movie 

HAPPY  FRIDAY friends! Sending warm & safe thoughts from sandy to the east coast.

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