31 weeks.

Despite the intense nausea I experienced the first 3 months, I really have enjoyed being pregnant. I never really favored any specific part of my body before until now: my belly! After seeing what it can do and the perfect round bump of love that is our son, I truly appreciate this gift I've been blessed with. As husband and I were walking along the beach in Santa Barbara many smiles were exchanged at my protruding belly. My favorite was a random man on a bicycle calling out "Congrats you two! What a beautiful day!" as he sped on by. At first I was taken aback by this looney tune, but then quickly realized how blessed we really are. I really love life, and appreciate it ten fold more as I've gone through my pregnancy.


29 weeks.

Mini photo shoot on the beach....

.....this is what happened when my sister and I were on our way to a baby shower. Only we passed our exit, oh lets say 30 minutes too far, and are forced on a mini detour along the beach.

It was totally worth the extra gas $$$ and the laughs. Love you sister and our random adventures. We know how to have fun, even when we're lost.


in grandma's kitchen.

mama consu's, my grandma's delicious chicken posole
mama consu making her famous cinnamon cookies
cookies in the making
huge pot of posole. we have a large family aka many mouths to feed
kitchen window
steaming mexican rice is under this pretty lid...
sister + brother. so sweet.

I've noticed that often when I go to visit my grandma, I find myself in her kitchen. You can pretty much always count on the fact that she's cooking up or baking something delicious. Her hands work so fast, picking a little bit of this and a little bit of that, to toss in a steaming pot of goodness. Friends and family come in and out to visit for awhile, drop off a basket of fresh fruit or vegetables, or simply say hello. Feeding her loved ones comes all so natural for her. 

As a mama of ten children and now countless amounts of grandchildren, it's no wonder. This lady is hands down amazing and I look up to my Mama Consu so soo much. She's a living inspiration of hard work and loving hands.

I can't wait for our little one to meet his great-grandmother!


24 weeks.

24 weeks baby bump!

On this day I had went with my mom to work to visit her adorable 3rd grade class.
They were soo soo cute pointing at my protruding belly asking if a baby was in there.
When I confirmed yes, they got so excited and started asking all sorts of questions
Made me miss elementary school kids and their curiosity