camarillo fair.

this is the first time baby jace went to a fair. he pretty much hung out in the ergo the majority of the time. he totally slept like a baby ;) 

husband bought a cute red mini mushroom plant decor (pictured above), sister won an XXXL sweater (seriously it's a dress on her), and her friend rode a camel which we just missed, but would have loved to see haha. fun, fun.

by the way, tomorrow is the last day for $1 jamba smoothies from 5-7! Go here to see participating locations near you. it's friday, go treat yourself to a smoothie! matcha green tea is my favorite. i just may have bought 2 today...



1.treating myself to chocolate chip & oatmeal cookies from subway. 2. pretty plant potting display at farmer's market 3. drumstick. yum. 4. lavender at the farmer's market. 5. kimiko being a cutie. 6. essie nail polishes as a gift for my sister for her birthday. 7. farmer's market veggies, ready to be cooked. 8. the sky has been amazing lately, just look at those clouds. 9. flowers from friends really brighten up a room.

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39 weeks!

Here I am, or rather was, at 39 weeks. My little man was born just a few days after, one day shy of 40 weeks. Boy am I glad he made his grand entrance before the 40 week mark, even if it was only by one day. I was popping quite the baby belly, and room was running out fast.

 I'm pretty sure this was on a Friday, because my sister and I went to our town's local farmers market and taste tested almost everything! So good. Then we decided to try to (once again) teach Kimiko to go for a walk with a leash. Yeahhhh....no. Poor babe needs some excercise. She scooted around the first minute or so and ended about less than half a block from the house with my sister carrying her home. Lazy kitty cat I tell ya.