braid bar.

my sister and i enjoyed a night out in the city getting our hair braided at the braid bar fundraiser feeling pretty and supporting an awesome cause. we got to spend some fun girly time in the clothing boutique myrtle, a new favorite filled with many treasures and great vintage finds, while sipping coffee and nibbling on mini chocolate chip cookies. we had the chance to meet so many lovely ladies like alison brislin herself and kate miss, one of my all time favorite bloggers from for me, for you. 

it's always so inspiring to see people pull together as a team to help out others in there time of need. definitely helps restore my faith in humanity after hearing stories on the news involving the psychotic nanny who destroyed two innocent children's lives in NY or the psychotic colorado movie theater killer. seriously am so disgusted by these people (if you can even call them that). okay, tangent much? rant ended.

 ari and i headed on over to a dia de los muertos festival just a few blocks down in silver lake and ended the night successfully with a $3 dollar ultimate mexican dinner and $1 pie. i mean the ENTIRE pie was only one dollar, and was probably the BEST pumpkin pie ever. thank you kind donaters :)


hello, there.

like whoa, is my little man growing or what?! 100% breast fed baby over here. he's such a champ. really, i had no clue what i was doing the first time i nursed in the hospital but this baby here knew exactly what to do which made my job way way too easy. and for those mom's who work outside of the home and pump: double thumbs up to you! that's true dedication right there. i absolutely dislike pumping, i feel like i'm feeding two babies and i'm not a milk factory...geesh. seriously though, breast feeding is the way to go if you can do it (i know you've all already heard this before). Baby gets the best nutrition possible, grows to be all plump which makes for superb cuddle time, and mama burns 500 calories a day. It's a win, win!

Now moving on to,  f r i d a y  f a v o r i t e s:

perfect thanksgiving dress for the holiday festivities.
i'm going to have to try out this waterfall braid for one of the ten weddings we're attending next year.

fun build a fort kit for a rainy day.

brilliant article on mood vs. desire.

cutest little baby moccasins by freshly picked.

happy weekend and almost veterans day!


bits + pieces.

bits + pieces of the little things i treasure as a mama:

lollips larger than a perfectly round head
tiny hands and fingernails 
snuggles and yawns
smirks and smiles
thunder thighs and karate kicks
yoga sleeping poses
amazed//startled//surprised facial expressions...it's a big world kid
sweet baby smell after a warm nighttime bath


happy birthday my dear tsukiko!

happy birthday to this little crumb of a chocolate chip cookie.
she's the eldest of the 3 kitties, yet the smallest.
daddy's little girl.
LOVES turkey & chicken, of course 
and makes the cutest "are you serious?" faces.
Has a soft spot for being pet under her neck,
and goes crazy rolling on the floor,
but only comes to you on her own terms.
She doesn't care for intruders (strangers) at all,
but once she approves,
she's a little lovebug.

we love you tsuki.
cheers to 3 years!


great-grandparents & cousin hunter.

jacebear got to meet his great-grandparents bob and marie and his cousin hunter!
it's kind of amazing to see the 3rd generation of the dugas family growing.
first hunter, then jace, and now logan!

sheesh, those boys are going to have funnn getting into trouble together at family functions...
must plan more playdates with these boys.


thumper & jace.

 ....kitty & baby photoshoot going on here....

my babybear is 3 days shy on turning an entire 2 months here back on august 3rd. here he is posing some serious, contemplative facial expressions with little ms. thumper. these two get along so well. it's like they are bro & sis. only difference being she's a feline and he's um, human. but seriously, these two are so cute together, especially when thumper gives him kitty kisses on his thunder thighs and purrs up against his buddah belly.

 tsukiko should have joined in on the camera action but she's camera shy, just like her daddy.  

for some fun around the blog here i'm adding
 a little "friday favorites" on random things i'm loving:

loving the burn from this blogilates workout routine!

this awesome baby stimulation video that keeps jace entertained for those few minutes of escape to brush my teeth or dare i say visit the potty?! (while improving his eye coordination!)

cute free printable love quote eye chart 

i've wanted my hair ombrified(??) is that a word? like this for over 2 years now... soon, soon! 

i'm wishing for some rainy weather this weekend so i can snuggle up on the couch and watch this movie 

HAPPY  FRIDAY friends! Sending warm & safe thoughts from sandy to the east coast.