christmas tree farm.

the boys & i went to a local christmas tree farm in hopes of spending no more than $50. i had no idea how expensive those kinda trees can be and yes it makes sense because of all the work that goes into them on the farm but they looked more like bushes rather than trees. made for some fun photos though. they kinda resemble dr. seuss like trees.

after our mini photo shoot we headed back home to a mini christmas tree lot down the road where the trees are better for hanging ornaments and more in our price range. those photos to come soon, soon with another story of its own.



our thanksgiving was fun filled with...

adorable little butterballs//pretty sunsets//family visits//baking banana, pumpkin muffins//camping out in the living room//

i'm so thankful for my family and friends, especially for this little butterball of mine. 

little buddies.

our little playdates are always so much fun! nothing better than getting adorable babies together and chit chatting with other mama's and papa's alike. since mid-november i've been nanying my nephew logan and my son jace 4 days a week 6.5 hours a day. definitely the best job ever. everyday is a playdate for  our little ones to learn and explore. they are so cute together, and watching them grow together is such a blessing.

1st time my little fish goes for a swim.

this little baby is a water bug. i was pretty sure he'd loveee the pool since he loves splashing around during bathtime, and sure enough he's a swimming one. he's in his grandparents pool, a heated, saltwater pool. no wonder he loves it! this summer when he turns 1 (ohhh my god, nooooo) will be lots of fun with swim timeee!


squeaky clean baby.

just a cute little butterball enjoying his bathtime...

all happy & clean!

my little pumpkin.

jace got to rock his handmade pumpkin costume around town on halloween, thanks to his wonderful and talented great-grandma! we first kick started our night of halloween festivities at the pumpkin patch where jace got to see some adorable farm animals, travel through a corn maze, and take many, many photos. the photo opps were endless! after about an hour at the pumpkin patch we headed over to grams where little man had his first trick-or-treating visit with grams (he got mama some m&m's) and took some more photos.

when papa got off work we picked him up for some more halloween time at the mall where we had a fun family photo booth session (photos to come eventually). we ended the night with sushi at our favorite spot and some hokus pocus movie time before heading off to bed.

i think it's safe to say, my little pumpkin had an awesome first halloween!