coronado, san diego.

 hotel del coronado, our destination!
daddy giving jace his very first solids, carrots!!!

 long run on the beach with my new kicks

down the elevator we go for a morning date with my bebe. we got a yummy breakfast bagel on the go, picked up some chai, and went for a nice walk along the beach

view from inside the hotel. uh-mazing!

little man loves the beach!

bridge to and from the island

i love parks like this in the middle of small towns

eating those carrots!
picnic on the beach with my loves.

daddy and baby hanging out on the deck.

 kate morgan, the hotel's ghost, hotel room.
new years eve pizza dinner with ryan, his brother, and jacebear.

what's up friends?! like my new sunnies? ;)

jace's next beanie??

eggs benedict, hash browns, asparagus, oj, coffee. i could eat this every morning...

pre haircut/ombreified
post new years hair cuts

water in little jars at the tavern, where the husband and i had date night

delicous sweet potato tots!

it is said this tower is haunted...

moo time...yum!

cute little cafe

love the way my little cub sleeps

walks on the beach

football player?

chocolate kitty. too cute to eat.

walking around town
taste testing

HUGE tree inside the hotel
palm trees
breakfast in bed, my favorite!
the hotel sells their ornaments a weel after christmas, i would so take home a few of these

leaving the island at 5am, bright and early.


  1. Beautiful photos, my sister and her now husband fell in love at that hotel. Your son is adorable, hope solid foods are going well?! Thanks for popping by my blog!

    xx kelly

  2. that breakfast looks delicious! your ombre hair is gorge and that 'coffee shop' cafe ... i need to go there. looks like the perfect vacay :)

    ps thanks for the sweet blog comment!