on a sunday.

remember when i mentioned how sundays are best when reserved for visiting with family? well here we are again, only this time with the other side of my grandparents.

this Sunday was perfect, just like the previous one where i visited my grandma with my mom and got some treats on the way home like mexican bread and a pretty pink sunset. this time i met my dad for lunch at camille's sidewalk cafe. i spent my morning with my little one preparing for our outing with our usual routine if we plan to be away most of the day... nursing, playtime, diaper changes, breakfast time in the highchair eating some pears and mango, getting dressed, packing diaper bag, some more nursing and playtime...you get the jist. as soon as we hoped in the car on our way into town to meet my dad jacebear fell asleep for his first nap of the day. perfect timing! we got to eat our thai wraps hands free of busy body baby and chat, something i can always do with my dad. he's that one person in my life i feel like i can tell anything to, and know he'll always be there for me. 

after we headed over to santa paula, where my grandparents live. my dad is so sweet and always either brings them lunch or a treat. this time he brought them some mocha frapps! spoiling the grandparents i tell ya. so there we all sat around the table sipping our drinks (me, iced coffee of course) catching up on what's new in life. after awhile we took the party over to the living room where jace got to scoot around and show off his newest of moves on the cleanest hardwood floors of all the land. no really, how clean and simple they keep there home is a DREAM to me. and watching how jacebear lit up my grandma's and grandpa's eyes was just so darn great.

after we said our goodbyes with hugs and kisses, little man went down for his second nap during which we stopped to fill up the tank and get my eyebrows weaved for freeee! thanks to a little birdie, (my sister) gave me a heads up that this new salon in town had a special for free eyebrow weaving, something i've never had done before. i always went the waxing route but let me tell you that is no more! weaving was quick, pretty painless, and easyshmeasy. 

and because my dad is awesome he took jace for a walk in his limo stroller (that's what we call it compared to his old one because it is just ohhh sooo smooooth) while i did this lauren conrad workout in the garage since jumping doesn't go down so well when you're on the 3rd story of your building. do that workout with 3 minutes of jump roping in between each segment for a 40 minute workout and i promise your buns will be a happy sore.


  1. thanks for your sweet comments. and glad I found your link. :D on my page course LOL

  2. Your little man is adorably cute : )
    This is a wonderful post.
    I love visiting family on Sundays too.
    You all seem to have had a perfect day.

  3. Can I please have your baby? He is the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my whole life!