d.i.y. :: geometric baby pants.

what you'll need:
pretty simple right?? after about 2-3 swift coats of fabric paint, you're set! if you haven't already guessed these triangle designs were inspired by the baby clothing (now women's too!) brand bobochoses. i do, i do love this brand but their prices are well quite simply said: not affordable. $40 for baby leggings is craycray, unless you plan on having a brady bunch of kiddos and just pass them on to the next baby after baby....

this is not to say that i won't ever invest in a nice pair of pants for my kiddo, just not until he can wear them for let's say more than a month or two?


so enter the $3 baby leggings that i made as christmas gifts for my son and his cousin.  5+ months later and the fabric paint has held up just like new (in case you were worried.)

aren't these two little models just so cute?


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  2. Super cute, they turned out so great!

  3. This is a cool crafty idea!

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