on growing up// from a mama's p.o.v.

i dunno about you mama's out there, but i just feel like my little pillsbury dough boy is just growing up. way to fast. but then again not. i'm so hot and cold with these kinda things. yes, i do get all sad and teary eyed thinking of my baby growing up because my mama brain immediately conjures up images of my son graduating and moving out or dressed in a tux all handsome on his wedding day. like c' mmon, talk about being over-emotional. 

then there's this mature voice in my head (no no crazy voices) that resonates clear, realistic thoughts reminding me that every stage of his development is exciting. that no age is better than the rest and as a whole are equally special and important. 

and that when the time does come for my son to make a life of his own, i will be ready, cheering him on. the ultimate goal of parenting is to have a child who grows up to be self-sufficient and eager to change the world for the better and make a difference, no? to chase after his or her dreams and live up to their full potential.

to be honest i will cry at all his milestones, especially on his wedding day. buckets probably. but they will be tears of joy nonetheless.


  1. how special to be a witness and such a huge part of someone's life! go mama bri :)