over easter weekend.

::jace went to town at a friend's house when they brought out a basket full of easter eggs? kinda like a ball pit, only so.much.better::
::saturday morning breakfast in the making::
::jacebear taking a nap on our whopping 5 mile walk::
::he loves our hangout seshs with this lovely lady::
::making that "get-the-sun-out-of-my-face-old-man-scrunch-face"::
::all the bunnies!::
::he likes his cousins!::
::my boys::
::easter cuteness::
::easter treats...you bet i tried a bit of everything on this table....::
::this girl and her phone case...cuteness overload::
::his great-grandparents lovin' on him::

 ::sister + brother::
::just met his auntie michelle, and already loves her so. i mean, can you blame him? so much love and kindness in one smile::
::daddy showing jace the hot tub. gigantic bubble bath? oh he wanted in::
::baby me + baby jace with our butterballs::


  1. Such beautiful pictures! That walking trail looks so lovely and I seriously just want to eat all of that food.

    You have a gorgeous family :)

    Young Mommy Memoirs

  2. You have such a cute family Brianna! Your son looks exactly like you. I am now following you as well :)

    Justina @ http://justinawho.blogspot.com/

  3. lovely family! followed you back on GFC. thanks for the visit. :)

  4. Lovely photos! Thanks for linking up at Fun Friday Blog Hop. I'm a newest follower :)


  5. You have a beautiful family, I love your pictures! Thanks so much for stopping by my page and for your sweet comment, it almost brought me to tears. I appreciate your kindness so much. I look forward to following your posts and getting to know you. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    Lorna K

    Life with RA is a Pain

  6. What a *wonderful* easter weekend!! I love that you shared it in pictures-- not words needed. Love it :-)