coffee & some baby love.


hello there! just a little baby buzz lightyear over here watching the classic 1956 movie The Red Balloon. it was such a cute little 30 minute film to watch in the morning while eating our breakfast. our slow morning routine wouldn't be complete without some kitty cuddles now wouldn't it?! oh how i love slow mornings filled with nothing but sipping on hot coffee, sunlight flooding through the windows, playing with my baby bear whose playing with his kitty cat. i know far to well that these are the times that i will look back on fondly with a sigh of, "oh, those were the good ole' days". we may not have a lot of money, or a big house or a fancy house, but all these little special moments with my family strung together make me feel like we are pretty well off. i'm just grateful, that i get to be me and be a wife to my husband and mama to my baby. it's a life i know i'm blessed to call my own.

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