::what we've been up to as of late::

::paleo apple muffins, fresh out of the oven::
::his daddy lets him hold his costco card every time they go to costco together. by the look on jace's face, he's on top of the world proud::
::so not only does my husband go grocery shopping for me and gets all the ingredients on my 30 day paleo meal plan but he chopped everything up and prepared all the sauces in containers....so so awesome::
::about to hit the mats in pilates class::
::running errands with my girl nausheen and babyboy in tow::
::his first ride in the cart. he loved it and thought he was the coolest one in walmart. walmart?  which obv. he was ;) ::
::ice cold diet coke is such a treat these days::

nothing to crazy going on here as of late, but somehow i really feel like i'm living the life. i mean, i know i am. lots of cleaning, and re-organizing, and re-decorating. lots of errands to buy said cleaning supplies because somehow we always run out of everything all at the same time. lots of breaks spent playing with jacebear, most of the time we are having those crazy laughing fits because the deep belly baby laugh is just oh so! or dance parties in the middle of the living room floor. 

like i said, nothing too crazy, but very fulfilling.

not everyday is easy i'll admit. there are times i just want to cry because all i want to do is shut my eyes and sleep for just a little bit more. but being a full-time mom? so worth it.

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  1. Omg, your son is absolutely adorable. Those cheeks!