4 years.

last thursday on july 18th the hubs and i celebrated 4 years of marriage. f o u r  years! i fell in love with this guy since i first laid eyes on him and am so thankful for his love through all these years. we've had our share of struggles of course, but we've both learned that we win together when honesty and forgiveness go hand in hand. for those of you who are unaware we started dating as babies, i 16, he 15 and married at the age of 20. we went to different high schools and once we graduated we went to the the same community college as literature majors. after 2 years of finishing up our general ed. we tied the knot and we transferred together to Sonoma State University and wrapped up our last two years as liberal arts majors. those 4 years we took every.single.class together. we had very similar interests and passions, and it was so amazing having my partner in life as my partner in class. we make a pretty good team.

now we have a little jacebear, the sweetest babyboy, and are enjoying life living close to family, raising our son with the people we love and sharing the places we used to visit as kids. so much to celebrate and celebrate we did. i dropped off jace at his gram's and poppy's while we went out on a datenight for good chinese food and a movie snuggled up on the coach in the comfort of our home. mid-movie his auntie and grams put jace to bed and suggested we leave him to spend the night. his first night away at 13 months! it was a nice night for the two of us, and a much needed nights rest. cheers to 4 years!

with some printer paper + watercolor paint + an old thrifted frame i made this for the hubs. as simple as a gift could get and he loved it (trust me he's not shy to let me know when he does not like something i pick out for him). but i made it, so of course he (had) to love it ;) i'm proud to say this is now displayed on his desk at work! 
this is the other gift i got as an "us" gift. back in high school we had a little black notebook that we would exchange between one another every few days since we went to different schools. i thought this would be a good way to keep what sparked our love in the early days but instead of blank pages to fill, instead it is just a few lines a day. the hubs was a little weary of this one, but once we get the ball rolling i'm sure he'll appreciate it since it gives us something to look back on. plus, it really is the little things in life that make it so beautiful.

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  1. Your relationship sounds so sweet!<3 The "us" book idea is great too, I think its a great tip for anyone in a relationship.

    I'm now following you on GFC and bloglovin:)

    Belle Epoque